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Just Fine, Thank You: Growing Up in a Family with Secrets

Children in families that keep secrets learn early in life to project a brave front, to avoid letting the outside world peek behind the mask, to cope alone with feelings of guilt, anger, fear and confusion.

Rapid City, SD, counselor and author Evelyn Leite grew up in such a family, struggling to understand her emotions, uncertain how she could love her parents and siblings so deeply but hate their words and actions. In her latest book, Just Fine, Thank you, Leite explores the jumble of feelings and emotions she experienced in her early years in a closed family. She describes what it does to a young girl when the family doesn’t talk about a father who stays late at the local bar and a mother who expects her daughter to be a perfect young lady without explaining what that involves. She also shares what it does to a young child in a “no-talk” family as she tries to make sense of sometimes crazy, senseless behavior from people she loves.

Leite’s book is “a moving, poignant memoir about love, fear, guilt, and what it is like for a child to love life and be in emotional pain at the same time,” says John C. Fried, a licensed psychologist and New York Times best selling author.

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer for Midwest Book Review says,” It’s a memoir that ideally will appear not just in the biography section, but on the shelves of psychology readers interested in exploring family dynamics in detail.”

Just Fine, Thank You is one in a series of four books Leite has written or is writing in a series titled “Blood, Sex and Tears.” She says of the series, “It’s my desire that you can find hope for yourself or a loved one based on my story of redemption.”

Leite has had a successful, 35-year career as a professional counselor and author whose focus is on drug and alcohol problems and mental health issues. Among her best-known works besides the “Blood, Sex and Tears” series are Women: What Do We Want? and A Fix for the Family Rift Caused by Addiction. She is a 2008 inductee into the South Dakota Hall of Fame.

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