Answer the following questions to help you assess whether you play the role of a victim and how it may be impacting you. At the end of the survey, there are three scoring ranges that would support, based on your answers, if you are a victim.

Please answer the following questions with Yes or No:

- Do you ever find yourself doing more than you want to do or have feelings of being out of control in any of the following areas:

 - When you feel out of control or do more than you want to, do you blame any of the following:

- Do you ever feel sorry for yourself? ___
- Do you often feel sorry for or rescue other people? ___
- Did anyone in your family have a “poor-me” attitude? ___
- Was anyone in your family a Martyr? ___
- Do you often share “poor-me” stories with friends or family? ___
- Do you allow people to take you for granted? ___
- Do you feel unappreciated? ___
- Do you find yourself giving a lot more than you get? ___
- Do you feel like people take advantage of you? ___
- Do you have the feeling that people “owe” you for what you've done for them? ___
- Do you manipulate people to get your way? ___
- Do you control the people who care about you with guilt? ___
- Do you think people mistreat you or use you? ___
- Were you neglected or abused as a child? ___
- Did you witness violence in your family as a child? ___
- Did one or both of your parents or grandparents have an alcohol problem? ___
- Do you often feel lonely or wish for a friend? ___
- Do you have family members who feel sorry for you? ___
- Do you ever help people too much? Parents? ___, Spouse/Lover? ___, Children? ___, Other? ___

Score 10 points for each Yes.