Ultimately we are our own worst critic and persecutor. To meet the challenge that fears present is a giant hurdle and requires a huge shift in thoughts and beliefs. Fear resides inside of self and behavior resides outside of self. How many times have you been extremely afraid to do something and so put it off until it was too late? How many times have you faked illness, told a little white lie, and avoided doing things that made you feel fearful? Fear is like a monster that feeds on itself: the more you put off doing something the bigger the monster grows. Have you ever considered yourself a loser? Maybe not quite put into words but in your heart you feel like a looser because you know that you are capable of so much more if only your fear and anxiety didn’t get in your way. Do you forecast your own failure in effort to soften the blow of disappointment when things do not go exactly as planned? Fearful people are often self-involved concentrating so hard on their own needs that they are unable to take other people’s needs into consideration. Thinking that the world is a dangerous place and life is hazardous.

Excuses bond us to failure. Not taking personal responsibility for your life and your actions guarantees a mediocre lifestyle. Do you find yourself making excuses for your conduct? I was late because-- -- -I didn’t get it done because-- -- -- -- -- I did it because I was angry-- -- -- -. If you would have-- -- -- -- -- -then I would have-- -- -- -- -- -- -- . A million excuses and all they serve to do is deny personal responsibility for whatever is happening at the moment. Excuses demonstrate a lack of commitment to excellence and results in mediocrity. Making excuses for other people weakens them and steals their power. Making excuses for you does the same thing. It is a brave person who can face life without excuses. Try honesty i.e.:”I was late because I did not allow enough time for unforeseen road conditions or heavy traffic.” “I didn’t get it done because it wasn’t a priority for me.” “I was angry at you and decided to punish you by doing something I knew would hurt you.” “There is no excuse for what I did and blaming you for it was wrong.” “I realize that a person of integrity would do the right thing regardless of someone else’s behavior.” “I take full responsibility for failing to be on time, do the right thing, or be committed to excellence.” Just saying these things out loud to yourself is a start.