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Codependency is too complicated for simple solutions, yet you must start somewhere. If one can find within oneself the honesty to confront problems head-on and surrender to the fact of the many different ways in which codependency has affected emotions, behavior, life style, and growth; if one can look honestly and completely at oneself, ways to be healed can be found. Healing codependency is a tall order and requires much work, persistence, prayer, and 100 percent of willingness most of the time. If the willingness is not present, all the work, persistence and prayer are empty gestures that at best will assuage your conscience, and make you believe you've done all you can. To know one's self, to understand codependency and it's effects, to be willing and open minded, and to have faith in a Higher Power-----these are the tools for recovery from codependency.

  Your codependency has been with you for many years. During those years your relationship with yourself has been smothered and weakened. It will take time to mend. You have not begun to know the full person you are. You know the you that hurts --- that side of yourself you keep trying to hide or leave behind, so others will not know what you see as the" truth". This is the you who suffers from anxiety attacks --- the kind that leaves you week in the knees, flushed with heat, fearful that your heart might stop beating. This is the you who tries desperately to measure up and never quite makes it. Codependency is a disease of mystery and one of the most mysterious things about it is the broad way it affects people: socially, spiritually, physically,and emotionally. Its stealthy and insidious work erodes the whole complex human system and damages the soul.


Saving Face Through Surrender & Grace
Saving Face Through Surrender & Grace


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Sunday, 24 October 2021

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