Barriers to Understanding Codependency and Getting Support

Impoverished social abilities leading to inadequate social connections and poor communication skills.

Inability to see the whole picture because of a limited amount of information.

Unable to comprehend the scope of one's own responsibility for one's self.

Not trusting anyone enough to ask for help or asking the wrong persons and then giving up when help is not forth-coming.

Avoiding conflict because of  fears of a loss of love and abandonment.

Feelings of guilt and betrayal that come when one sticks up for him/herself.

Fear of retaliation if one breaks the family rules of “don't talk” “don't think” and “don't feel”.

Shame at having to admit that one needs help and fear of being a burden.

Anger, bitterness and resentment constricting the ability to hear a different point of view.

Having an unreasonable desire to always be “right”.

A refusal to reach-out for new knowledge preferring to avoid unfamiliar activities and shunning new information and experiences.

Lack of self, wearing many faces, and not realizing the incongruity in this.

Defeatist thinking "No one will ever understand me." "If I want something I have to get it for myself..." "No one will help me." "The world is a bad place." "Everyone but me is brainless and stupid..."

Thinking "There must be something wrong with me..." or continually asking "What is the matter with me?".

Feeling overwhelmed by emotions and unable to process them because of a lack of data and fears of being different from everyone else.

Not having a vocabulary to express thoughts and emotions.

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