About to Evelyn Leite

Evelyn Leite, MHR, LPC, is a family counselor, relationships therapist, addiction therapist, author, and trainer with over 35 years of professional experience. Evelyn is highly regarded for her seminars in multicultural counseling and education. Understanding the vulnerability for people who need help in her areas of expertise, Evelyn offers various ways people can get the help they need.

Whether she presents information through public speaking, small intimate workshops, group sessions for different families or single-family sessions, in person or telephone counseling, Evelyn provides expert information for healing trauma, mending broken families, family dynamics and relationships, communication, and overcoming addictions. Also, watch for her private online, self-help group allowing people to participate from the privacy of their own home and anonymously if desired, opening up help for people on weekends.

She is the author of 12 self-help books, with additional books yet to come. Evelyn Leite has been widely published beginning in 1979 when she wrote the first book ever written on the family perspective of what it is like to live with an alcoholic, titled To Be Somebody, which is the first book in her Blood, Sex, and Tears series. Her book Detachment remained on the best seller list for 10 years. Evelyn was an inductee with the South Dakota Hall of Fame, for the Legacy of Achievement award—a most prestigious honor, details available at Champions for Excellence, South Dakota Hall of Fame.


Published books include:

To Be Somebody: a tale of love, heartbreak and hope (Hazelden Educational Center City, Min. 1979 & 1982. Reprinted January 1982. Revised third edition, Living With Solutions, 2019). First book in the Blood, Sex, and Tears series.

Women: What Do We Want? Changing Your Life is Easier Than You Think (Leite Press, 2014, 2nd Edition, 2016. Revised third edition, Living With Solutions 2019). Second book in the Blood, Sex, and Tears series.

A Fix for the Family Rift Caused by Addiction, (Living With Solutions, 2018). Third in the Blood, Sex, and Tears series.

When Daddy is a Drunk: what do you tell the children? (Hazelden 1981 Newcomers to Alanon)

Detachment (Johnson Institute 1985. Republished Hazeldon, 1998)

How it Feels to be Chemically Dependent (Johnson Institute 1988. Republished Hazelden 1998)

Different Like Me (Johnson Institute 1988. Republished Hazelden 1998)

Saving Face through Surrender and Grace (Community Intervention, MN. 1988)

Mending Family Relationships (Community Intervention, MN. 1988)


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Praise for Evelyn's Work

In the Suicide Hotline training, I liked having people’s voices heard; good discussions make it easier to understand and the youth involvement was great. The workshop needs to be longer so that everything is not crammed into two days. I feel like if we knew more about codependency we could make our family stronger and be more able to help others.
- Shantele