Published Books by Evelyn Leite:

  • Just Fine, Thank You: Growing Up with Family Secrets (Living With Solutions, 2019). First book in the Blood, Sex, and Tears series.
  • Dance Like There‚Äôs No Tomorrow (Living With Solutions, 2020). Second book in the Blood, Sex and Tears series.
  • To Be Somebody: a tale of love, heartbreak and hope (Hazelden Educational, Center City, MN, 1979 & 1982. Reprinted January 1982. Revised third edition, Living With Solutions, 2019). Third book in the Blood, Sex and Tears series.
  • Women: What Do We Want? Changing Your Life is Easier Than You Think (Leite Press, 2014, 2nd Edition, 2016. Revised third edition, Living With Solutions, 2019).
  • A Fix for the Family Rift Caused by Addiction, (Living With Solutions, 2018).
  • Detachment (Johnson Institute, 1985. Republished Hazeldon, 1998)
  • How it Feels to be Chemically Dependent (Johnson Institute, 1988. Republished Hazelden, 1998)
  • Different Like Me (Johnson Institute, 1988. Republished Hazelden, 1998)
  • Saving Face through Surrender and Grace (Community Intervention, MN, 1988)
  • Mending Family Relationships (Community Intervention, MN, 1988)
  • When Daddy is a Drunk: what do you tell the children? (Hazelden, 1981. Newcomers to Alanon)

Magazine and Newspaper Articles Published:

  • Eyes on You Magazine, a SD Publication - Several articles published from 1990 to 1993
  • Well Nations Magazine - 4 articles published in 2005 and 2006
  • Rapid City Weekly News - Regular feature author of "Faith and Family" segment from 2006 to 2008

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Praise for Evelyn's Work

Evelyn Leite is a shepherdess who shines a bright light on healing and has a lifetime of experience on the path. Loving, supportive partners who are themselves on this path can be a huge advantage. Healing from childhood trauma is vital and facing our wounds is how we move beyond them. Evelyn's book [Women: What Do We Want?] offers hope and can help us all move toward our destination.
- George Lindall, licensed psychologist, M. Eq., Minneapolis, MN