Free Counsel

Free counsel from Verlyn Long and Evelyn Leite of Rapid City, SD who have a combined 60 years of wisdom in dealing with alcoholics and codependents. And a combined 80 years of sobriety.

To offset the tragedy of the excessive abuse of drinking and drugs caused by COVID-19, we are offering a free group question and answer opportunity via video conferencing. We do this in honor of loved ones we have lost to the disease of addiction. In the honor our group starts September 22 and will be presented very other Tuesday.

Would you like to talk to someone who has walked the walk? If so email and check out

Welcome to Evelyn Leite!Are you among the many of who have found yourself in situations that eat away at your self-confidence, or cause you to lose trust in your ability to overcome whatever life obstacles come your way? Many, perhaps including you, live in the fear of the unknown, suffer low self-respect, where pride and self-worth have given way to anxiety, depression, and for some, even addiction.

Please accept my personal invitation to explore the wellness options available to you. I want to help you become empowered, to claim your God-given right to love yourself and like what you see when you look in the mirror.

There is no magic bullet, but there is support, encouragement, and a restoration of honor and dignity, if you are willing to take a chance and engage in the effort. You’ll need to stop looking at what is wrong and seek to embrace and expand on what is right.

I’ve been a family counselor, relationship therapist, addiction therapist and more for over 35 years. I understand your concerns about being “found out.” I know how to listen without judging, because my goal is to help you enjoy the life God meant you to have.

Please take your time to learn more about me and the many ways in which I can help you and those you love. When you’re ready to simply start a conversation, to explore how I can help you, use the Contact page on this web site. Until you’re ready, again, explore this site, take advantage of the many complimentary resources I offer. You’ll find help in these, and become more acquainted with me, my heart, and my commitment to you.

~ Evelyn Leite, MHR, LPC