Make the Right Decision. Be Informed.

Speaking Topics:

- Hope and Healing for Alcoholics, Addicts and Their Families.

Addiction is a disease. It causes pain to everyone in a family or a workforce. Understanding how it works and grows is a vital to stopping it before it destroys everything and everyone. There are only three things that can happens to addicts - recovery, insanity, or death.

- Communication and Conflict Resolution

A one to three day presentation of the effects of poor communication, effective communication skills and the fine art of conflict resolution. This workshop can include a one day overview, or a two or three day in depth training on establishing better relationships through communication.

- Professional Development Training

In order to get along at home or in the workforce, one must be able to communicate, empathize, and make wise choices. This is a one day workshop that provides information and options for employees, families or church members.

For more information please see - "Addiction is a Nightmare. Help is Within Reach."

Praise for Evelyn's Work

Your book, To Be Somebody, saved my marriage. Before I heard it, I had no knowledge of what was wrong. I thought it was all me and then my wonderful sister-in-law turned me on to this powerful message. I can’t thank you enough or praise God enough for this.
~ Ann