~ Woman's Retreat ~

Heal your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT with 3 days of Fun, Food, and Sharing.

Codependency, Addiction, and Grief group opportunities (not required to participate)

Guided meditation, Relaxation, and Encouragement.

Find true freedom from worry and burnout.

Bring family pictures to share and a fun costume to wear if you choose to participate in Thursday’s fun evening of make believe. Come prepared to leave with renewed energy!

Terra Sancta Retreat Center 2101 City Springs Rd, Rapid City, SD 57702 Peacefully surrounded by trees, wild life and silence
September 1, 2, & 3 or Oct. 6, 7,& 8, 2021
$900.00 includes food, lodging and materials!
Presented By
 Verlyn Long Wolf and Evelyn Leite
Call: 605-484-0576 or 605-415-1197
Email: evelyn@evelynleite.com
Private room $200.00 extra.
Must register by Aug. 28, 2021. (Space is limited)

Make the Right Decision. Be Informed.

Speaking Topics:

- Hope and Healing for Alcoholics, Addicts and Their Families.

Addiction is a disease. It causes pain to everyone in a family or a workforce. Understanding how it works and grows is a vital to stopping it before it destroys everything and everyone. There are only three things that can happens to addicts - recovery, insanity, or death.

- Communication and Conflict Resolution

A one to three day presentation of the effects of poor communication, effective communication skills and the fine art of conflict resolution. This workshop can include a one day overview, or a two or three day in depth training on establishing better relationships through communication.

- Professional Development Training

In order to get along at home or in the workforce, one must be able to communicate, empathize, and make wise choices. This is a one day workshop that provides information and options for employees, families or church members.

For more information please see - "Addiction is a Nightmare. Help is Within Reach."

Praise for Evelyn's Work

The Codependency workshop I attended was awesome. I received some tools to take with me when I go home. I never knew what boundaries were, now I do. I really need to learn how to say no and how to take care of myself.
~ Mona